Product portfolio

Products on the basis of polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 produced from the highest quality materials which meet the highest criteria in the automobile industry and have unique processing properties. SLOVAMIDS are offered unfilled (suitable for injection moulding), filled with glass fibre, glass beads, mineral filler or with incombustible adjustments of various kinds (flammability class V0 – V2).
Products on the basis of polypropylene, produced as homo- and copolymers. In the Slovalen product line you can find unfilled, unreinforced as well as filled and reinforced stacks (with glass fibre, glass beads, graphite, mineral fillers, etc.) with or without flame retardants which are suitable for injection moulding.
These products are produced on the basis of polybutyleneterephthalate. The Slovaster product line, like all the other product lines, covers unfilled, unreinforced, filled and reinforced types (with glass fibre, glass beads, mineral fillers, etc.) with different flammability classes.