We offer complex service in the area of compounding and recycling of plastics, including technical support. We utilize the laboratory in our production plant in Nitra for our own research and development, but offer laboratory services externally as well.
We dispose of modern compounding lines for production of engineering plastics for injection moulding on the basis of thermoplastics. Lines with variable production capacity enable us to offer services catering to the requirements of our customers.
Recycling servis
In the area of plastics recycling we offer a complete programme for outsourcing plastic waste – we recycle plastics and return them to the production process of our clients by the means of re-granulation. We also purchase non-usable plastics waste.
Technical Support
Plastcom, spol. s r.o., offers technical support and services at various levels of co-operation – before, during and after the delivery of our products to the manufacturing process of our customers. This includes guidance and technical service from material development until the production stage, comparing equivalents, development of universal materials for multiple applications, technical participation at material testing

Testing laboratory

PFor continuous quality assurance of our products, our production plant in Nitra is equipped with a laboratory, where we can perform various types of tests enlisted below. The testing laboratory meets the requirements of the norm STN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2017 and the management system of the laboratory meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
Rheological properties
melt-flow index, viscosity and viscosimetric number
Content of filling
ash content, filling content
Physical properties
density, bulk density, water content, content of volatile substances, extractable matter content, impurities content, loss by burning
Thermal properties
thermal properties
Mechanical properties
stress-strain properties, flexural properties, strength
Optical properties
colour shade

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